DoView® Outcomes Systems and Parker Duignan Consulting Workshops


Want to improve your organization’s outcomes capability. Workshop with Dr Paul Duignan in a live online workshop to make sure you have the right outcomes structure in place. 

Workshop 1. DoView® Outcomes Framework Development Workshop

A two 3-hour workshop process that will help you set up a comprehesive outcomes system based on the DoView Outcomes Framework approach.  

Further information on the DoView approach

Information on DoView Outcomes Systems and Parker Duignan Consulting Group.

Information on DoView for planning.

Information on DoView for outcomes and impact measurement (monitoring and evaluation).

Information on the theory behind the DoView Approach.

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Our hundreds of clients have included: the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations Population Fund, the International Labour Organization, the World Bank, the U.N,, the Asian Development Bank, national governments, and individual agencies in almost all sectors: health, welfare, education, defense, transport, arts and culture, injury insurance, sport and recreation, archives, heritage, local government, indigenous development.


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