If you have many projects within a program or organization

If you have many projects within one program or organization your workflow for using DoView could be as follows:

1. A set of high-level outcome diagrams (slices) could be build by senior management and those doing strategic planning for your overall program or organization (let's call the person responsible for this part of the model 'The Strategic Planner' planner for the sake of the discussion here). In addition to the high-level outcomes diagrams (slices) in this model, there should also be a diagram (slice) listing all of the projects within the program or organization. Each project can be entered as a step. You can fit thirty or so of these onto a single compact diagram (slice) and can include more than one slice if you have more than thirty projects. This Program or Organization-Wide HIgh-Level Outcomes model should be held and maintained in a single DoView file by one person in management or planning (e.g The Strategic Planner). You should think of it as being like a spreadsheet, there needs to be someone who holds the master copy. 

2. Each project team then develops its own DoView model which just contains diagrams (slices) at the project level (typically this might be 4 or so slices - perhaps more for each project). The model for each project can be held in a separate DoView file. This file should be held and maintained by someone in the individual project team - let's call them The Project Team DoView File Holder. 

3. The Program or Organization-Wide High-Level Outcomes that each project is attempting to influence (maps onto) should be identified. This can be done in various ways. Firstly, The Strategic Planner could meet with each project team and in such meetings, link the step named for each project to the high-level outcomes within the DoView file held by The Strategic Planner (1). This approach has the advantage that The Strategic Planner can query the project team to make sure that they they are only showing links to high-level outcomes which can be justified. The second approach, is for The Strategic Planner to email project teams a PDF file of the Program or Organization-Wide High Level Outcomes model (DoView has built-in support for printing to PDF), they could print the PDF version of the model out and simply mark with pen those outcomes in the model they believe their project will influence. They could then send back this marked-up printout to The Strategic Planner planner who could then enter it into the master copy of the DoView file which contains the Program or Organization-Wide High Level Outcomes model. Third, The Strategic Planner, could send out the Program or Organization-Wide High Level Outcomes model to someone in the project team who is familiar with using DoView and get them to put in the links (e.g. The Project Team DoView File Holder) as long as they are confident that they will not introduce mistakes into the master file. Fourth, DoView (it is planned from the end of May 2008) will be able to produce an HTML version of the slices (diagrams) within a DoView model. This model could be put up on an intranet within an organization, or on the internet, and in a telephone conversation project members could verbally indicate to The Strategic Planner which of the high-level outcomes it is believed their project will contribute to and The Strategic Planner could make the appropriate links on his or her master version of the Program or Organization High-Level Outcomes model.

At any stage if The Strategic Planner wants to confirm that they have recorded the right links they can click on an individual project within their model. This will show (with the DoView link endpoint icon - an inverted V on the bottom border of a step) all of the outcomes which have been linked to the particular project. The Strategic Planner can then just use the Print to PDF command from the Files Menu and a PDF version will be printed out which shows the DoView link endpoint icons showing. This PDF can then be emailed to the project team to confirm that The Strategic Planner has recorded the appropriate links to high-level outcomes.

Once The Strategic Planner has the master file, with the programs mapped onto it, they can record in each step-box for each high-level outcome the number of projects which link to it. This provides a visual way of seeing how program or organizational projects map onto high-level outcomes and can be very useful for strategic discussions about whether the mix of projects within a program or organization is the right mix to achieve high-level outcomes. 

4. At any stage either The Strategic Planner or any Project Team doView File Hlder could circulate copies of their DoView file to anyone else (e..g. because some other part of the organization wants to see how the steps and outcomes have been laid out for a particular project. However, these would always just be copies of the master files and it would be clear to everyone that The Strategic Planner or the individual Project Team DoView File Holder were the ones holding the master copies of the files. Any amendments which have to be made to the master files would all go through either The Strategic Planner or the individual Project Team DoView File Holder to make sure that the master copies of the files are always the most up-to-date.  When DoView can produce an HTML version of the diagrams (slices) in the model a similar result can be achieved by posting the model on an intranet or the internet. 

5. If The Strategic Planner wants a complete model, they can get the individual Project Team DoView File Holders to email them each project's DoView file. They can then open these files, select the slices (diagrams) in the Slice List which they want in the main high-level model, Right-click Copy Slice, go into the main high-level model and paste the current version of the project model into their main high-level model.

[1] It is possible to do this remotely using an internet service which lets project team members view The Strategic Planner's screen as they make the links between the project step and the high-level outcomes in their copy of the overall DoView file while they are all in a conference call (e.g. using an internet service such as www.glance.net).

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