Building evaluation & monitoring plans in DoView

DoView can be used to build an evaluation and monitoring plan which can be used for both planning your evaluation and monitoring work and also for keeping control of your evaluation as you implement it.

Using DoView in this way solves the normal problem faced in evaluation and monitoring. This is where an evaluation and monitoring plan is initially developed set out in a narrative format. However, as the evaluation is implemented, the original approach is modified in various ways, however the initial evaluation plan is not usually updated to reflect these changes. The end result is that there is no one place where an up-to-date version of what is happening in an evaluation is laid out. This presents a particular problem when if staff who are managing the evaluation leave.  

An alternative to this approach is to use a well-structured DoView evaluation and monitoring plan. This solves the problem because it can be rapidly kept up-to-date as the implementation of the evaluation continues.

Such a plan can be developed by following these steps: 

1. Download and install the trial version of DoView if you do not currently have a working version of DoView installed.

2. Download the DoView evaluation and monitoring plan template from this site.

3. Look at some examples of how outcomes models should be built from the site and look at the guidelines for drawing outcomes models using the DoView Way from this site.

4. Start building your outcomes model within the template file. Once the base model is build, copy it to the indicators and the evaluation questions section of the template file.

5 Put indicators onto the copy of the model in the indicators section, list indicator projects.

6. Put evaluation questions onto the copy of the outcomes model in the evaluation questions section, list evaluation questions.

7. Use a dataprojector to project a version of your DoView evaluation and monitoring plan in all meetings with the project team, the evaluation team or external stakeholders. 

8. Keep the DoView evaluation and monitoring plan up-to-date as your evaluation and monitoring work is implemented so that you always have a single place to go (the DoView file) when anyone wants to know what is happening in the evaluation. 

9. Send a PDF version of the DoView file to any funders you have to report to every few months when you have inform them of progress with the evaluation.

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