Workflow using DoView

When working with an individual project you can put all of your diagrams (slices) in the same DoView file. When you have many projects within a program or organization, it is worthwhile to set up your organizational workflow so that you can use DoView efficiently. 

If you have many projects within a program or organization

If you have many projects within one program or organization your workflow for using DoView could be as follows:

1. A set of high-level outcome diagrams (slices) could be build by senior management and those doing strategic planning for your overall program or organization (let's call the person responsible for this part of the model 'The Strategic Planner' planner for the sake of the discussion here). In addition to the high-level outcomes diagrams (slices) in this model, there should also be a diagram (slice) listing all of the projects within the program or organization. Each project can be entered as a step. You can fit thirty or so of these onto a single compact diagram (slice) and can include more than one slice if you have more than thirty projects. This Program or Organization-Wide HIgh-Level Outcomes model should be held and maintained in a single DoView file by one person in management or planning (e.g The Strategic Planner). You should think of it as being like a spreadsheet, there needs to be someone who holds the master copy. 

Building evaluation & monitoring plans in DoView

DoView can be used to build an evaluation and monitoring plan which can be used for both planning your evaluation and monitoring work and also for keeping control of your evaluation as you implement it.

Using DoView in this way solves the normal problem faced in evaluation and monitoring. This is where an evaluation and monitoring plan is initially developed set out in a narrative format. However, as the evaluation is implemented, the original approach is modified in various ways, however the initial evaluation plan is not usually updated to reflect these changes. The end result is that there is no one place where an up-to-date version of what is happening in an evaluation is laid out. This presents a particular problem when if staff who are managing the evaluation leave.  

An alternative to this approach is to use a well-structured DoView evaluation and monitoring plan. This solves the problem because it can be rapidly kept up-to-date as the implementation of the evaluation continues.

Such a plan can be developed by following these steps: 

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