Download dialogue page

Link out to local files on your computer (e.g. to provide documentation for your models)

More support for left-to-right models determined with a ‘model direction: left-to-right’ setting in which DoView links go left to right and auto-formatting of link lines works left-to-right rather than bottom-to-top

Fonts within models look better.

Step colors have been adjusted to make tones more consistent with each other

Zooming much improved, zoom in and zoom out function added

Several larger font sizes added

Text can now be in bold or italic as well as normal

Text can now be aligned (left, center, right)

Link lines default to go under steps

Straight links, as well as bent-line links, can now be inserted

A model ‘direction pointer’ can be inserted to show the direction your model goes in

Images within steps can be put on the top or the right-hand side of the step

Steps can contain text with various font sizes

Steps can be dragged to be smaller than previously

Option to turn off image within the clone of a step

Many more paper size options (from letter size to large poster sizes)

Improvements to web page versions of models

More quickly link from one step to many steps

Automatically insert multiple link lines for a step where DoView links have already been made

Insert ‘reverse’ links

Faster cross-page linking for working with large models broken into sub-pages

Group element can be shown as a box without any text heading

Change font size of group element heading

Color of small block next to page names can be set and will correspond to the color of the corresponding page-jump

Some terms used in DoView have been simplified (e.g. ‘slice’ now called a ‘page’; ‘hop-to’ now called a ‘page-jump’; and ‘record table’ now called ‘details table’).

Help file improved.

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