Live Online DoView® Outcomes Framework Development Workshop 2


Interested in putting in place a sound outcomes framework for your organization? Arrange one of our customized live online workshops with international outcomes specialist Dr Paul Duignan. 

1. Preparatory session (no fee and no commitment)

The first session is a one hour preparatory session with no fee and no commitment on your part. Dr Paul Duignan will discuss with you how you could best use the DoView Approach and familiarize himself with your operation. You are under no obligation to go ahead with the workshops and consulting if you think that they won’t add real value to your organization. 

2. Two three-hour live online workshops with your team - to help them understand and then build drafts of the DoView Outcomes model(s) which will form the basis for your organization’s DoView Outcomes Framework

These two workshops will:

Provide an introduction to using a DoView® Oucomes Framework as the basis for your work (as opposed to training in DoView® software)

Allow discussion with the group on which aspects of the DoView® Outcomes Framework (outcomes model drawing; priority setting; mapping projects onto priorities; indicator identification; accountability identification; implementation evaluation; impact attribution; stakeholder outcomes consultation; cross-organizational or cross-sector collaboration; or, outcomes-based contracting) should be focused on. This discussion is about working out the best Outcomes Architecture for your organization.

Drawing one or more draft DoView® Outcomes Models to: 1) illustrate the process of building a DoView® Outcomes Model; and, 2) providing a draft of a working DoView Outcomes Model that can then form the basis for the development of your ongoing DoView Outcomes Framework.

3. Follow-up DoView Outcomes Model processing

We will process the DoView® Outcomes Model(s) that have been developed in the workshops and return them to you in DoView, HTML, PDF booklet and PDF poster versions for your ongoing use.

4. Additional consulting or workshoping

We are available for further consulting or workshoping with Dr Duignan or someone else from our team depending on the future direction you want to take your outcomes work. 

Further information

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Information on DoView for planning.

Information on DoView for outcomes and impact measurement (monitoring and evaluation).

Information on the theory behind the DoView Approach.

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