Using DoView® as a generic box-to-box mapper

Conceptually, DoView can be seen as a generic box-to-box mapper. It solves the computer science problem of how to make many-to-many links without the limitations of the traditional line-and-arrow paradigm for linking. The traditional line-and-arrow approach requires that the entirely of a model appears on a single page. This is because there's no way within that paradigm of showing links that may exist between boxes on different pages.

Printed posters can be made showing large single-page models, however large single-page models are not practical for use on screens. This means that they cannot be used for real-time editing of a model in the course of a planning or other meeting. In addition, large single-page models cannot be communicated in smaller print formats (e.g. letter-sized). 

In addition, dragging links across a large single-page model is cumbersome. DoView deals with this classic computer science visualization problem by a unique cross-page linking function that allows the user to link any box on any page with any other box on any other page. 

This innovation means that it is then possible to build modular models within DoView which still maintain cross-page linking between boxes. This frees-up the model  builder to build models which are much more understandable by viewers because they are broken up into sub-pages. This makes visual modeling a much more useful tool for a variety of uses in addition to its main use in strategic planning. 

A common example of a box-to-box mapping problem that can be solved by DoView is curriculum mapping. This is a generic problem throughout training and education and it represents a broader class of problems where one has to show that one is meeting a set of standards, for instance in any accreditation or quality assurance situation.

Curriculum mapping example

Large scale curriculum mapping is easy with DoView. Use it to show that what you're teaching/training is tightly focused on curriculum or competency learning outcomes. The box-to-box mapping below shows the extent to which lesson units are focused on the curriculum areas that need to be covered. The red boxes do not have any lessons focused on them and lesson units should be developed focusing on them. In practice, the curriculum mapping model would span a number of pages and DoView cross-page linking would be used to quickly make the links between boxes on different pages.


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