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Version 4.0 DoView Pro and DoView for Mac 4.0 Pro

Version 4.0 DoView Standard and DoView for Mac 4.0 Standard

Version 3.07 and DoView for Mac 3.07

• Links to webpage model pages are name-based not index-based, making them robust in the face of changes to the page manifest.
• Enable searching in the diagram tree and diagram table by typing. Dialog centred on mouse position. 
• Immediate edit now the default for created items.
• Fixed alt-key creation not discovered (added tooltip to kick-off handle)
• Fixed alt-key creation fails on 3.06 fixed (requires latest diacanvas2) 
• Fixed selecting ghost sometimes removes it
• Fixed viewing dashing menu changes dashing of selected items
• Fixed dashing adds unnecessary NULL undo transaction
• Fixed scrolling problem in 'about' pages in HTML version. 
• Fixed endpoint selection does not highlight other endpoint
• Fixed remove #control from web links in webmodel (helps robust links feature)
• Fixed PDF output omits all text sporadically
• Fixed Save button active on initial startup: always loads new model in new DoView instance. 

Version 3.06 and DoView for Mac 3.06

• New layout functions - 'spread across top' and 'spread down' 
• Ghosts of a selected box from another page now may be 'pinned' in place
• Improved Ghost element design
• Page list text entries are centered
• Darker default color of arrow element
• Spurious PDF line issue fixed
• Strengthened undo function
• Fixed crash when copying image elements between DoView files
• Fixed occasional unreliable link creation
• Fixed link target accessibility indicators for file links (Windows)
• Removed spurious vertical scroll bar from Webpage Versions
• Ghost elements no longer appear in 'this appears on' menu
• Can now use Ctrl+Return to finish editing an element
• Can now use Ctrl+Arrow Key to finish editing an element.

Version 3.05 and DoView for Mac 3.05

• Can now paste text into DoView from another source without needing to first create a text object to put it into. A text object will now be automatically inserted when you paste text.
• An issue with Norton 360 antivirus software has been fixed.

Version 3.04 and DoView for Mac 3.04

• Better DoView web page models allowing clicking anywhere on an object to activate the any 'page jump' hyperlink on the object
• Improvements to how DoView web pages work on an iPad
• Fixed issue in 3.03 with Citrix and remote server set ups.

Version 3.03 and DoView for Mac 3.03

• Updates DoView for Mac to work with Lion
• Digital Signing of the PC Version
• Fixes problem with Norton Sonar triggering when using with DoView on PC
• Adds Tabs feature
• Improves cross-page linking by showing a 'ghost' of the currently selected step on any page the user moves to
• Core library updates to fix bugs

Version 3.01 and DoView for Mac 3.01

• Fixes an issue with DoView for Mac where the copy of the DoView file from which a web page model is created (when included with the web page model) not publicly readable and hence unable to be downloaded.

Version 3.0 and DoView for Mac 3.0

• DoView for Mac 3.0 - DoView files can be exchanged between DoView for PC and DoView for Mac
• Better quality PDFs
• traffic lights for dashboarding
• resizable generic arrow
• watermark shapes (circles, triangles etc.)
• easier to unmake links
• additional color palette
• custom colors
• text, boarders, links can be colored
• objects can be locked in position (e.g. for creating templates)
• links can be of different thicknesses
• able to export contents of Details Table to CSV for Excel
• various other technical updates to improve performance.

Version 2.06

• Technical change relating to saving files reduces chance of losing data when saving large models.

Version 2.05

• Technical change to the way registration serial numbers are handled which previously could cause some problems in some network settings.
• Fixes an issue with DoView files not being able to be opened in some situations where DoView used with non-English characters.

Version 2.03

• Fixes a technical issue related to problems registering DoView in certain circumstances.

Version 2.02

• Fixes a technical issue.

Version 2.01

Fixes an issue where in some circumstances initial options dialogue displayed repeated times until DoView closed and reopened.

Version 2.0

Fixes technical issue with XP and a DLL arising in particular circumstances. 

Link out to local files on your computer (e.g. to provide documentation for your models)
More support for left-to-right models determined with a ‘model direction: left-to-right’ setting in which DoView links go left to right and auto-formatting of link lines works left-to-right rather than bottom-to-top
Fonts within models look better.
Step colors have been adjusted to make tones more consistent with each other
Zooming much improved, zoom in and zoom out function added
Several larger font sizes added
Text can now be in bold or italic as well as normal
Text can now be aligned (left, center, right)
Link lines default to go under steps
Straight links, as well as bent-line links, can now be inserted
A model ‘direction pointer’ can be inserted to show the direction your model goes in
Images within steps can be put on the top or the right-hand side of the step
Steps can contain text with various font sizes
Steps can be dragged to be smaller than previously
Option to turn off image within the clone of a step
Many more paper size options (from letter size to large poster sizes)
Improvements to web page versions of models
More quickly link from one step to many steps
Automatically insert multiple link lines for a step where DoView links have already been made
Insert ‘reverse’ links
Faster cross-page linking for working with large models broken into sub-pages
Group element can be shown as a box without any text heading
Change font size of group element heading
Color of small block next to page names can be set and will correspond to the color of the corresponding page-jump
Some terms used in DoView have been simplified (e.g. ‘slice’ now called a ‘page’; ‘hop-to’ now called a ‘page-jump’; and ‘record table’ now called ‘details table’).
Help file improved.

Version 1.16

• Adds up and down arrows to right-hand side of toolbar within DoView so that user can move through slices (pages) without having to use the slice list, as in the web page version of DoView models
• Fixes for various issues

Version 1.15 

• Issue which arose in 1.14 related to deleting line links resulting in files which could not be reopened, fixed
• Allows files called "myfile.DOVIEW" as well as "myfile.doview" to be recognized by DoView

Version 1.14

• Allows creation of web page model from any DoView file
• Allows external hyperlinks to be placed within any DoView file
• Provides additional larger font level 'Extra large' for text, indicator, evaluation question and item objects

Version 1.13

•  Issue with Quick Video Tours not working properly for any user who has updated to Flash Player Version solved.  

Version 1.12

•  Issue in version 1.11 with slices not copying to external software via (e.g. Word, Powerpoint) via Windows clipboard solved

Version 1.11

•  Issue with sometimes not saving when large number of links solved
•  Issue with copy and paste solved

Version 1.1

•  Line and arrow linking
•  Large ledger/A3 diagrams
•  Speed improvements
•  Zoom to actual, zoom to fit
•  Pan (for moving around large diagrams)
•  Rotated outcomes now have link endpoints on same side as non-rotated outcomes
•  Two additional Quick Video Tours in Help menu (one for lines and linking, one for large diagrams)
•  Now two options for Link tool on Toobar for selecting link mode (insert link, insert link, and draw line)
•  New View menu (hide links, show links, show links and drawn lines)

Version 1.04

•  Issue with viewing large text blocks solved

Version 1.03

•  Speed issue with Vista fixed now fully functional with Vista
•  Faster switching between slices
•  Each new model or file opened runs as a new instance of DoView
•  Replaces the old Copy Slice tool in toolbar with Right-click>Copy on selected slice name in Slice List
•  Allows copying and pasting of slices between instances of DoView
•  Strips leading spaces from object names and carriage returns within names to allow proper sorting when printing record-table to PDF
•  Zoom to actual, zoom to fit
•  Outcomes slightly transparent when overlaid
•  Gray highlighting when editing text
•  Fontconfig libraries updated for better performance.

Version 1.02

•  Fixed issue with splashscreen and put version number on splashscreen
•  Save 80% faster, load 15% faster
•  Core libraries updates with bug-fixes
•  Fixed issue with not printing to PDF where '&' in slice name
•  Paste now pastes links and keeps clones
•  Selected outcomes are shown when creating PDF reports
•  Fixed handling of installation under 'limited user profiles' so user can register software even when they do not have administrator privileges
•  Updated freetype library to latest 1.1.10 version

Version 1.01

•  Added ability to print to PDF slices and accompanying information from the record table
•  Fixed issue which occurred when dragging a slice in the slice list onto a slice name which user was editing
•  Fixed issue which occurred when moving slices between files.

Version 1.0

•  Initial release of DoView

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