Use your visual strategic plan for impact measurement

Put indicators next to the boxes they measure and see what you are, and are not, measuring. Also see the 'level' of the boxes being measured (i.e. are they high-level or low-level). There will not always be an indicator for every box within a DoView and their might be more than one indicator for a single box. 

3. Put evaluation questions onto your DoView next to the boxes they relate to button

See what you are, and are not, evaluating and identify your high-level IMPACT evaluation questions (on the right) in contrast to your lower-level IMPLEMENTATION evaluation questions (on the left). 

4. Work up M&E projects to measure indicators and answer evaluation questions 

Include details about your M&E projects (e.g. list the indicators and evaluation questions a particular M&E project is answering);  the method being used; the timing; who's doing the work; and the cost of the work etc. Keep track of your indicators and evaluation questions shown on these project pages by clicking on them to see where they 'live' with the visual DoView (copy and paste them as 'clones' to do this). Want to get more technical? Use Duignan's Impact Evaluation Feasibility Check to work out which impact evaluation designs are feasible see more.

5. Add whatever other pages you want

Add other pages about your your M&E plan, e.g. slides with bullet points for your presentations on the evaluation (keep all your work in the one DoView file rather than in many different presentation and other files you have to keep updated); information on the way the evaluation will be managed; risk management etc.

6. Report back your monitoring and evaluation results directly onto your DoView (if you wish)

This means that readers can 'see' your M&E results in the context of what it is that your program or organization is trying to achieve. Feed this into the next round of DoView Visual Strategic Planning more.

Resources:  See the Sea Change Climate Change Community of Practice webinar on how to do the above more. Look at the webpage version of the DoView used in this example here. Edit, and play around with, the DoView model by downloading a trial version of DoView here. Download the DoView file itself here. You can also use DoView to plan an M&E questionnaire, survey or feedback sheet more.

Download the DoView free trial now.


If you have any questions or comments about using the DoView approach with climate change or other topics, please post them on the DoView Linkedin Community of Practice, or where more appropriate, email DoView directly. Download DoView free trial now. We look forward to hearing from you.

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