Using DoView to ensure intervention fidelity in randomized controlled trials RCTs

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The Solution

'DoView visual models (logic models) of what is being done are being used to help ensure that the interventions used in different treatment sites are faithful to the intervention that is being tested.

In the case of our RCT, the intervention consists of implementing a set of evidence-based community-level interventions such as: ensuring that alcohol is not sold to underage drinkers and that alcohol-impaired driving laws are actually enforced.

DoView visual models are used to clearly communicate to the treatment sites the types of community-level interventions that evidence supports. The specific community sites in which the treatment is being implemented can then amend the DoView visual model to show the details of exactly how they're going to implement the strategies within the setting of their particular community.'

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The Problem

'In randomized controlled trials (RCTs) it is essential to ensure that the treatment (intervention) in place in intervention sites is the actual treatment that is being assessed in the RCT. In some pharmaceutical trials this is ensured through basic quality control. However it can be a major problem in RCTs examining interventions that are harder to specify. For instance, in RCTs looking at community programs.

We're using DoView for an RCT looking at preventing alcohol-related problems in the community.'

Bob Saltz alcohol problem prevention expert

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The Benefits

'The first benefit of using DoView to draw visual logic models to ensure intervention fidelity in RCTs is that they provide a totally transparent and efficient way of communicatiing what the intervention consists of to those who are charged with implementing it.

Secondly, they let the different settings in which a treatment is being implemented quickly specify the details of how they are going to implement it. They also are ideal for providing a permanent and quickly accessible picture documenting what the intervention actually looked like within each treatment setting.

. . . '

DoView solves problems in implementing randomized controlled trials (RCTs).

Have you ever?

  • Had problems rapidly communicating was an intervention will actually consist of? 
  • Needed to ensure that different treatment sites were all implementing similar interventions?
  • Wanted to quickly communicate to funders exactly what an intervention consists of?
  • Needed a way of including in your RCT documentation a quick visual summary of what an intervention looked like?

DoView - Life's short. Do it visual. Do it faster. 

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