DoView® Non-Financial Results Reporting

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Non-Financial results are often hard to measure

  • It's best to start with a visual model of the non-financial results your organization is trying to achieve, rather than immediately jumping to identifying metrics.
  • Metrics are then easily placed next to the boxes they measure on the visual model (called a 'DoView'). See how to draw these
  • You need to confront the problem of attribution (which does not arise with financial results), if you are going to report non-financial results responsibly.
  • Attribution is whether or not you can prove that your organization has caused a result to occur.
  • We suggest you clearly identify 'controllable' versus 'non-controllable' results (hence 'attributable' versus 'non-attributable').
  • Your organization should normally only be held directly accountable for controllable results.
  • Both controllable and non-controllable results can be mapped onto, and reported against, the visual model. This shows that your organization is outcomes-focused.
  • It allows your organization to report on high-level outcomes, but to avoid being caught in the trap of being held directly to account for non-controllable ones.
  • The visual model you build for non-financial results reporting can also be used for visual strategic planning and other organizational purposes. Within an organization. For joined-up cross-sector planning

DoView software helps you work faster with your non-financial results

  • Specifically designed for quickly modeling outcomes and non-financial results
  • Optimized to be easy to use in real-time in front of organizational decision-makers and stakeholder groups
  • Lets you to quickly communicate non-financial results using a fully visual approach (rather than people's eyes' glazing over with tables and spreadsheets of indicators).
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