Using DoView for Hickson's Futures Periodic Table

Innovative uses for DoView

Hickson's Futures Periodic Table sets out in the form of a Periodic Table a set of trends that need to be taken into account in future studies and strategic planning. Below is a Proof-of-Concept showing how a drill-down version of the Futures Periodic Table could be developed in DoView. It also shows how the DoView version could be used to assess the comprehensiveness of a strategic planning or other futures-orientated plan or discussion. This would be done by breaking the strategy document up into the topics which it covers (a box would be put in for each topic). These boxes would then be linked to the trends within the Futures Periodic Table which they relate to. Using DoView 'line-of-sight' analysis one would be able to assess how comprehensive the strategy document was.  This two minute video shows how to set up DoView Line-of-Sight analysis. 

Click inside the webpage version of the DoView below. To play around with the DoView file itself install a trial of DoView and then download this DoView from the options line at the bottom.

DoView can be used as a generic box-to-box mapper.

Have you ever?

  • Been in a situation where you have to show that one piece of work is appropriately focused on a number of other elements?
  • This problem is widespread in a number of different sectors and disciplines, for instance in curriculum mapping in education and training. 
  • The case above illustrates how DoView could be used to assess the comprehensiveness of a strategy document using DoView Line-of-Sight analysis. 

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