Faster Evaluation Planning with a DoView® Visual Evaluation Plan

Don't waste your precious time wordsmithing long text-based monitoring and evaluation plans 

Plan your evaluation onto a visual model of the program and communicate it faster

"Where has DoView been all our lives? In twenty minutes in a board meeting we were able to have detailed input into evaluation planning!" 

Board member working with a DoView Visual Evaluation Plan.


  • Spent weeks on text-based evaluation plans knowing that no one will read them?
  • Put your evaluation plan to one side once it's approved and developed separate documents, presentations and files to control evaluation implementation?
  • Handed over an evaluation project, or had one handed over to you, which consisted of innumerable confused files?
  • Wished you could have just one master file (a DoView file) setting out the whole evaluation plan based around a visual model of the program and, if necessary, linking out to all the relevant documentation?
  • Wished you could immediately see which aspects of a project have indicators monitoring progress?
  • Wanted to immediately see the level at which a particular evaluation question lies?
  • Thought that decision-makers don't have time to read your text-based evaluation plans and therefore don't have meaningful input into evaluation planning?

Build more accessible, easily communicated evaluation plans in half the time. Use it to: plan your evaluation; implement it; make all your presentations on it; as a knowledge management tool; and to report your results.

Don't make life unnecessarily hard. 

See how to use the DoView Visual Evaluation Planning approach now. Download a free trial now.


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