Strategic planning for climate change programs

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1. Build a visual DoView of your program

Click inside the web page version of the DoView below. Tips for building DoViews here.  

2. Prioritize the boxes within your visual model

The boxes below have been prioritized - A, B, C. BAU (Business As Usual can also be used) for the next planning period (e.g. a year).

screenshot 944

3. Work up a list of projects - what you are actually going to 'do'?

Put in a box for each project, activity (or whatever you call the things you are actually going to do).

screenshot 945

4. Link projects to the step(s) they're focused on and check for 'line-of-sight'

Link projects to the boxes they're focused on using DoView's easy Cross-Page Linking. The number of projects focused on each box will show as the small count number at the bottom of each box.  

screenshot 960

5. Add any additional pages

E.g. slides with bullet points; information on the way the program will be managed; risk management.

screenshot 962

6. Use your visual strategic plan for monitoring and evaluation 

All your monitoring, evaluation, performance management and reporting work can be done on your DoView. more.

7. Further Resources

  • Watch the Sea Change Climate Change Community of Practice webinar on monitoring and evaluation for a climate change program more
  • Edit, and play around with, the DoView of the example program above by downloading a trial version of DoView here. Then download the DoView file itself here
  • For collaborative cross-sector work see a general example here.
  • For a Foundation/Funder wanting grantees to focus on particular outcomes see a general example here
  • Read or post on the DoView Linkedin Community of Practice
  • Or email us directly.

Download the DoView free trial now.


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