DoView® Competitive Analysis

Get a concise view of a Startup’s (or any existing, or new, strategy’s) chances of success and a robus framework for quizzing them.  

Use the DoView Competitve Analysis template to appy the example below to the Startup  you’re assessing. Why do it in DoView software? Because DoView is the agile tool for presenting strategy - see how DoView makes other strategy work easier

The example below is for a generic profile service offered by About.Me. They provide a generic user profile service plus an email contacting service. At one stage, the profile service had the potential to become a generic profile which could be used across different social networks to avoid users of different networks having to keep different profiles up-to-date. 

This is an example only and does not necessarily reflect About.Me’s actual strategy. 

The analysis is done under four headings. Two different analyses have been done, one for the generic profile and one for the email service offered by About.Me.

1. Set out the Startup's competitive position under the four headings - About.Me's first offering - a generic user profile on the web

About.Me's second offering - an email contact service

2. List the questions which the Startup needs to answer

3. Get the Startup to respond to the questions


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