Using DoView® in Social Services and Welfare

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We consult on applying DoView Planning in social services and welfare settings

Planning and measuring impact and outcomes in social services and welfare is hard. There are often multiple outcomes; diverse needs; multiple agencies and outcomes can occur over long timeframes.

DoView®  software is used by social service and welfare organisations in more than 40 countries for building outcomes models of various types. For instance, logic models, theories of change, program theories, intervention logics, results maps and strategy maps. more

In addition, DoView® Planning methodology can be used with DoView® software. It’s a new visual strategic planning and outcomes approach. It’s toolkit includes tools for: faster planning; clearer articulation of outcomes; identifying gaps and overlaps; and identifying how you’ll track progress and prove impact.

It’s an agile and very affordable planning methodology and you don’t need to make a large up-front investment. Below is an example of a DoView® Outcomes Model - cick on the boxes with small triangles. 

 Resources relevant to using DoView Planning tools in social services and welfare 

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