Results Roadmapping for Research Planning

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We consult on applying DoView Planning in research settings

Research planning needs to be totally outcomes-based. Bizarrely, identifying ‘research outcomes’ for funders is sometimes seen as something of a separate add-on exercise different from your normal research planning.    

This comes about because research is often open-ended and the traditional ways of specifying outcomes statements are too simplistic to deal with this fact.

In the example you can access below, Duignan’s Results Roadmapping is being used to create a visual outcomes model of research outcomes. Imagine that the  ‘projects’ are sub-aspects of your research. See how they’ve been mapped onto a visual DoView® Results Roadmap of the real-world problem that the research could be attempting to address.

Access the example here.  

Three Ways Duignan’s Visual Planning can be used in research. Goto the Overview of Using Duignan’s Results Roadmapping for Research.

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