Research impact measurement

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We consult on applying DoView Planning in research settings

Identifying the impact of your research is often very difficult. By definition, before you start you cannot be certain of the research outcomes. Real-world outcomes are influenced by many factors in addition to your research. Also there are often long time-frames for research findings to be translated into specific real-world outcomes. 

The example you can access below shows what could be an educational research project developing a new approach to improving student’s self-esteem.

It shows how an overall plan can be developed for monitoring the outcomes the research is improving. 

Access the example here.  

In addition, you need to example all of the possibilities for impact evaluation regarding your research. This is done with the DoView® Impact Evaluation Feasibility Check as part of DoView® Planning

Information on the Impact Check.

Three Ways DoView Planning can be used in research. Overview of use in research.

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