Better public sector - DoView Public sector planning, budgeting and reporting cycle review process

The more effective a country or region’s public sector planning, budgeting and reporting, the more likely that it will achieve positive social and economic outcomes for its people.  

Working on reforming public sector mechanisms can be difficult because of the large differences between public sectors in different countries driven by legistative, social, cultural and developmental drivers.  

Several DoView tools can be used to analyse, identify gaps and improve public sector functioning when reforming a country or region’s public sector mechanisms.

The major DoView tools are:

The DoView Generic Public Sector Planning, Budgeting and Reporting Cycle - identifies gaps in your current system.

The DoView Outcomes System Diagram - clarifies essential functions around indicator measurement, outputs, outcomes, impact assessment, economic evaluation and managing for outcomes and results-based management. 

The use of DoView Visual Outcomes Models within DoView Planning to identify - provides a tool for clearly identifying outcomes, priorities, strategic alignment, indicators, impacts and accountability.

DoView Outcomes Systems and Parker Duignan Consulting Group consult on the use of these tools.  

More information on these practical application of these tools which governments and consultants can use will be posted on this page.  


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