'Dip your toes' into simple portfolio management with DoView 

Portfolio management - seeing how groups of projects contribute to higher-level outcomes - can easily become overly-complex and expensive.

Use DoView to 'dip your toes' into the portfolio management water. Don't commit too early to 'bloatware' and over-engineered solutions to portfolio management that waste a lot of staff time entering every last piece of detail.

You might find that a simple DoView model gives you 80% of what you need and you don't need to sweat about getting the other 20%. 

But, if you later decide to use a complex platform will, you can utilize the DoView work you've already done. Use it to model and prototype the level of detail you finally want to put into your large-scale portfolio management platform. 


Below are the steps in DoView Simple Portfolio Management. The 3 steps are:

Don't let your approach to portfolio management end up creating organizational silos. Quickly show the connection between projects and the cross-portfolio organizational outcomes.

If you have many projects, build a navigable multipage model and use DoView's unique cross-page linking to link boxes on different pages.

Get alignment by integrating this work with your strategic planning work.

Show your portfolio areas and the projects that are under them. If you wish, put information about the projects inside the project boxes (e.g. $ value).

You can also 'drill-down' to additional pages on which you can put more information about each project.

Because DoView is generic and simple to use (learn it in minutes) you can model (or prototype) all sorts of information.

Turn on 'Count Links' to show the number of projects contributing to each outcome and the number of outcomes each project is focused on.

This lets you locate priority, key driver projects (ones contributing to many outcomes).

If you wish, achieve even more alignment by integrating this work with your performance management work.

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