Using DoView for Performance Improvement

Use a Performance Improvement DoView to trouble-shoot an organization and turn its performance around.  

2. Taffic-light boxes with performance issues and describe the PROBLEM

1.Build a visual model ('DoView') of the program being improved

How to do this

1. Build the DoView

Build the initial DoView of the program or organization with a small group who know about the program. A DoView sets out the outcomes which are being sought and all the steps it is needed to get to them. See information on how to build a DoView.  

screenshot 2207

2. Traffic-light the DoView to show problem areas

screenshot 2208

3. Identify the Performance Improvement Projects (PIPs) that are the solution

screenshot 2209

 4. Present within the DoView file, as a letter-sized report, as a poster or as a webpage version of the DoView file. 

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