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A DoView Visual Strategic Plan for a Regional Health Organization

The Solution

A DoView Visual Strategic Plan (or Outcomes Model) can be used for: strategic planning; prioritization; ensuring activity is focused on priorities (strategic line-of-sight); identifying indicators; measuring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs); identifying accountabilities; and assessing impact.

See how to undertake these planning and outcomes functions against a DoView Outcomes Model.

The Problem

It's hard for Regional Heatlh Organizations' Boards, CEOs, planners and funders to get a quick overview of a health organization's outcomes; its priorities; whether it's activity is focused directly on its priorities; and whether it's having an impact on outcomes in the population.

No one has time any more to wade through long strategic plans and other documents. There needs to be a faster way to communicate outcomes.

The Benefits

This visual planning approach can be used in real-time in planning, funder and stakeholder meetings. You're not only building a strategic plan, you're also developing a simple way of communicating your organization's outcomes and priorities.

Use it to work out the evidence you'll provide that you're making an impact on health outcomes in your region. Lastly you can use it for cross-regional and cross-sector health planning with other agencies.

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