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An ‘outcomes processor’ for evaluators

If are writing a novel you use a word processor, if you are doing accounting you use a spreadsheet, so why do your evaluation and outcomes work without utilizing a specialized tool?

DoView was designed by evaluators to make your life easier. It’s now used in 50+ countries and has been been awarded the prestigious Gartner Cool Vendor recognition.

What can it do?

It helps you play around with outcomes sets and frameworks and the steps that lead to them. You can draw, and amend, logic models, intervention logics, theories of change and results chains in real-time during evaluation team and stakeholder meetings.

Second, you can document your models with indicators, evaluation questions and as many details of your evaluation plan as you wish.

Third, you change things in one place, for instance the name of an indicator, and it will change right across your model.

Fourth, it makes it really easy to get a helicopter and a drill-down view of the larger models that you need to build to capture the richness of the initiatives you are evaluating.

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DoView was developed as a practical tool for use in outcomes theory - the general theory of evaluation, strategy and implementation.

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