Using DoView to develop and communicate a CES Planning Triangle ©


The UK Charities Evaluation Services (CES) has developed a methodology for planning, outcomes and indicator measurement called the CES Planning Triangle©. The framework is shown below.

CES planning triangle with impact_ outcomes and outputs

PDFs of examples of CES Planning Triangles are available on the CES website. The top level of one for a Volunteer Development Project for an organization called Action on Development is shown below. This is followed in the standard PDF of a CES Planning Triangle by various tables setting out outcomes, outputs, indicators etc  on subsequent pages.

The benefits of representing a CES Planning Triangle in a DoView file

CES Planning Triangles could potentially be built within DoView Software. This would have the following advantages:

  • DoView drill-down pages could be used so that readers could directly explore different parts of the front page Planning Triangle diagram (shown above) by clicking on them.
  • The DoView could be put on the web as a webpage model (as in the example at the bottom of this page) and then linked-out out from the organization's website. Readers could then click through it to examine the organization's outcomes.
  • When building a CES Planning Triangle, DoView's clone feature could enable those building the model to quickly change the wording where an element (e.g. an outcome) appears on different pages within the Planning Triangle.
  • The DoView visual layout could be used to help quickly identify the outcomes or outputs which have indicators measuring them and those that do not. 
  • Additional documentation could be included within drill-down pages in the DoView file (e.g. the sources where indicators will come from; traffic-lighting for dashboarding results; more detailed results regarding indicators; impact evaluation questions and how they are going to be answered; results of measurement of indicators; and pictures showing aspects of what the program is doing).
  • Template Planning Triangles could be developed for different areas and quickly adapted to specific charities CES is working for.

And example of a CES Planning Triangle represented as a DoView

Below is the information from a PDF version of a CES Planning Triangle put into the DoView format. The first page shows the overview of the triangle.


Drilling-down under the green boxes on the first page of the Planning Triangle shows the following drill-down page. This visual layout lets the reader quickly identify what is, and what is not, currently being measured with indicators. Note that drilling-down under any indicator will go to a page showing the source where data is collected on that indicator. 


An embedded webpage version of the CES Planning Triangle DoView

Click around inside this DoView webpage version to see how the drill-down functions work. If you want to edit this or use it as a template download a trial copy of DoView and then download the DoView file that created this model from the options panel at the bottom of the window below.


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