Problems with undo undoing too much. Solution: Update to version 3.06.

Using DoView on the new Mountain Lion OS 10.8. Solution: Email us from the Contacts page for a Beta copy of DoView which works on Mountain Lion OS 10.8.

Not being sent a boxed copy of DoView. Solution: DoView is only distributed electronically. When you purchase DoView you will be automatically emailed a registration serial number which you put into DoView (File>Register). This will make your 30-day trial copy of DoView into a fully functional version of DoView from then on. 

Concern about having to reenter your registration serial number if you uninstall DoView to install a new updated version. Solution: Your computer will remember that you have registered DoView and the updated version when you install it will automatically be registered and be a fully functional version of DoView from then on.

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