Chocolate Chip Cookie DoView® Traditional Logic Model Template 

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This template can be used for: faster monitoring and evaluation. It is a version of and exercise discussed in Preskill, H. & D. Russ-Eft (2005) Building Evaluation Capacity. Sage Publications.   

DoView® software is used by health, social service and welfare organiztions in more than 50 countries.

You can use this template in DoView software® as long as you acknowledge its use as a DoView® template and reference Preskill and Russ-Eft (2005).

Disclaimer - DoView Templates do not necessarily encompass all aspects of best practice and we make absolutely no claim that they are a complete statement of best practice in any area. We do not accept any liability arising from their use by any party. Program or service planners or others using DoView templates are entirely responsible for the components they do, or do not, include in their programs or services.

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