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DoView® Visual Strategy/Best Practice Templates are the fast way to get your planning underway. Just install DoView Software, download the DoView® Best Practice Template you want and use it for the following: 

Planning - edit the template to reflect your own program - you now have a visual DoView®  Best Practice Model for your program (it can be seen as a type of theory of change, results chain, strategy map, program logic, or outcomes model). more

Priority setting - Go through the DoView® Best Practice Model and mark up your current priorities. more

Ensure your activity is focused on priorities - Use it to check that your activities are focused on your priorities. more

Identify indicators - Use it to identify indicators for program monitoring. more

Plan impact evaluation - Use it to plan impact and other evaluation. more

Program improvement - Go through it and traffic light where you need to improve and then develop program improvement projects to fix what needs to be fixed. more

Reporting - Use it to report how your program is going to funders and other stakeholders. more

Contracting - If you are contracting a Provider, use the template to discuss with them what they’re going to do. more

Reviewing or evaluating another program - If you are an external reviewer use it to review a program. more

Watch the two-minute video on using templates in some of these ways. 

DoView®  software is used in more than 50 countries.

DoView® Best Practice Templatescan only be used if you’ve bought a license to DoView®Software (not in other software/web platforms - if you want to use the content on other systems contact us about getting permission to do so).

Disclaimer - DoView Best Practice Templates do not necessarily encompass all aspects of best practice and we make absolutely no claim that they are a complete statement of best practice in any area. We do not accept any liability arising from their use by any party. Program or service planners or others using DoView templates are entirely responsible for the components they do, or do not, include in their programs or services.  


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