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Building an Outcomes DoView for a regional health organization

The Solution

A visual Outcomes DoView can be used to show all of the Regional Health Organization's work. It's easy to drill down to specific activity taking place within particular sections within the organization.

The visual DoView can then be used for a number of different organizational functions: strategic planning; prioritization; ensuring activity is focused on priorities (strategic line-of-sight); identifying indicators; measuring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs); and assessing impact. See more information on how to undertake these functions against a visual DoView.

The Problem

Regional health organizations throughout the world deliver various mixes of health services to the populations within their regions. They're often large organizations involved in many different types of work. It's hard for Board's, CEOs, planners and funders to get a quick overview of the outcomes the organization's seeking; its priorities; and whether it's activity is focused directly on its priorities. It's also hard to work out whether or not it's having an impact on outcomes for the population it's serving.

In a very busy world, funders and other stakeholders don't have the time to wade through long reports and tables describing the organization's priorities, work and impact. These reports have to be produced of course, but there needs to be a faster way of communicating with funders and stakeholders.

The Benefits

The first benefit is that strategic planning is much simpler using a visual approach with a planning group. Secondly, the DoView approach is not just about strategic planning, it's fully outcomes-focused and provides a robust way of showing that an organization is focused on its priorities. Third, it can be used to demonstrate the impact the organization is having on the health of the people in its region. Fourth, it can be used by the Regional Health Organization as a way of undertaking cross sector planning with other agencies

The DoView outcomes-based visual planning approach provides a fast and integrated way for health organizations to do plan and prove their impact. This leads to funders and other stakeholders being assured that the organization is performing effectively.

Click through the Regional Health Organization DoView below - use it as a template for your organization by downloading the DoView file (install DoView then click on Download the DoView file of this model at the bottom of the model).

DoViewing a Minister of Health's Annual Priorities 

The Solution

An Outcomes DoView can be built setting out a Minister's priorities in a visual format. DoView modeling can also be done under each of the priorities detailing what needs to happen in order to advance each priority. This detailed modeling is set out on a DoView drill-down page.

The different health organizations under the MInister's control can then simply map their activity (programs and projects) onto this visual DoView. This is the DoView strategic line-of-sight approach which shows how much activity is focused on each priority area. Using DoView strategic line-of-sight.

The Problem

A Minister in charge of a national health system has a problem. He or she has to somehow communicate their priorities to all of the health organizations that are under their control.

Currently Ministers do this by providing various forms of documentation listing their priorites. These can range from two or three page Letters of Expectation setting out the MInister's high-level priorities, through to extensive multi-page schedules of targets and measures the Minister wants to see achieved.

The Benefits

The benefits of this approach are that it's much more transparent and faster than the current text based approach. Health officials can very quickly see that the health organization is actually focusing on the Minister's priorities. The visual model can be used within meetings between Health Officials and the health organization. Moving between the overview and the details on the drill-down pages enables the discussion to be as high or low-level as the health officials desire.

In addition the health organizations can separately map their activity onto their own general Outcomes DoView; one which includes the complete set of outcomes they are trying to achieve. These will necessarily be broader than the Minister's immediate priorities. This general Outcomes DoView for each organisation would look something like the DoView Regional Health Organization Template above.

Also see how DoViews can be used for Government budgetting allocation and accountability

Click through the Minister of Health's Possible 2013/14 priorities DoView below - use it as a template by downloading the DoView file (install DoView then click on Download the DoView file of this model at the bottom of the model).

Using DoView for specific projects in the health sector

A village health promotion project

As an example, below is an Outcomes DoView for a village health promotion project. Such a model could be built for any type of health promotion/public health project or for any other type of health project. How to draw an Outcomes DoView for a health project. How to use an Outcomes DoView for a health project for planning, prioritization and proving impacts.

Health promotion project

Much health sector activity is organizaed in into specific projects. DoViewing can be used to develop visual models for such health sector projects. Such visual Outcomes DoViews can then be used in the same way that the Regional Health Organization DoView described above can be used.

Click through the Village health promotion program DoView below - use it as a template by downloading the DoView file (install DoView then click on Download the DoView file of this model at the bottom of the model).

DoView - the best way of solving planning and outcomes problems in the health sector. Do strategic planning, align activities with priorities, show that you are achieving health outcomes. And communicate what you are doing faster.

Have you ever?

  • Spent weeks on word-smithing strategic plans and reports to funders for your health organization knowing that no one will ever read them?
  • Been unable to quickly communicate that your organization is focused on the health outcomes for the population it serves?
  • Wanted to link strategic planning with outcomes monitoring and proving the impact of your organization?

Build more accessible, easily communicated plans, outcomes models and proof of organizational impact in half the time. 

Make life simpler with DoView.

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