Using DoView for Conservation and Natural Resource Management (NRM)

Neal Gordon, Outcomes Management Office, Department of Conservation

Strategic planning and outcomes for a national-level government conservation agency

The Solution

'We built a visual Drill-Down DoView representing the whole of our organization based on our 5 main outcomes.

We developed a supporting framework to drive benefits from the model. While we involved management and groups of staff in building the DoView through workshops, we have now moved past this point to re-organise our business around each outcomes stream, and use the outcome model to work through redeveloping our priority programmes, reduce programmes not supporting or supported by the model, align performance measures to key points on the model, and build the capability to deliver on the outcomes programme and intervention logic.

This is supported by a communications programme based on a booklet for all managers and staff that sets out the model, intervention logic for each outcome stream, and a 4-stage pathway to outcomes maturity that national 'outcome stream leaders' are working towards. This provides line-of-sight from outcomes, through intermediate outcomes to outputs that is then used in our annual planning process and 4 Year Plan.'

The Problem

'As a large government department, we are working to align our operational and strategic work programmes around our outcomes model. In the past there have been a myriad of overlapping, and sometimes competing programmes that were also not well aligned with the results we are delivering for the taxpayer.

As a decentralised and geographically widespread organisation we have tried various approaches to ensuring the work in the field is connected to these outcome areas and delivers on our priorities. Most of these approaches involved detailed strategic and operational planning documents that had limited readership and application.'"

Department of Conservation website

Click through the Department of Conservation Outcomes Doview visual model.

The Benefits

'The benefits are on two levels - firstly the simple articulation of our outcomes and intervention logic allows staff and managers to constantly review how current or new programs of work will help achieve these. This can occur formally (for example when completing business plans) or on an ongoing basis when working through project proposals with stakeholders.

Secondly, we get improvements from 'sweating' [working with] the model over time. For instance: 1) when developing performance measures (are we measuring the things the intervention logic suggests can best influence results?); 2) in setting our priorities and resource committment over time (does this set of interventions achieve better outcomes/quicker results that work?); and, 3) in working with other stakeholders to achieve more for conservation together than we would alone (focusing business, community and volunteer work around the activities that the logic suggests will make the biggest difference to achieving outcomes).'

Lesly Millar, Monitoring, Evaluation and Knowledge Manager, Rangelands, NRM

Preserving natural assets - coastal, sustainable landcare and carbon farming

The Solution

'DoView allows us to efficiently prepare logic models for both individual projects and programs combining multiple projects.

The ease and simplicity of use has paved the way for project managers to draft their own logic models and take ownership of the identification and implementation of interactions between project components.

A review process is now all that is required at a centralised level for many of our new projects.'

The Problem

'Prior to using DoView it was an effort to create a visual representation of the program logic models that we need to ensure project concepts and plans meet both our strategic directions and the key targets of the funding body.

The concept of logic model creation was foreign to many of the staff and the added burden of construction meant that the production of the models was centralised; removing the process from the project management team who have an in-depth understanding of the interactions and nuances within the project.'

Rangelands website

The Benefits

'One of the key benefits is that the diagrams can also be used to identify areas of evaluation and monitoring that are easily addressed and others where further work is required. Preparing a program logic model leads to natural identification of evaluation questions or performance measures. The ability to record these as part of the model ensures that they are further incorporated into planning processes.

The user friendliness of the software means that it can also be used for other business operations that require a diagrammatic or flow chart representation. The software can help with ‘thinking time’ or conceptualisation of ideas. Many of the Corporate Services team within the organisation are long time users of DoView and the software is regularly used for team planning or ‘think tank’ sessions.'

Dr Bill Cotching, Program Manager, Pilbara Corridors Project NRM

Working with pastoral and mining land managers and indigenous communities countering biodiversity threats

The Solution

'DoView is a very user-friendly software package that required no training on my part, just a short period of trial use and I was underway.'




The Problem

'I needed easy to use software for building linkage diagrams to give a pictorial representation of the logic in my projects.'

Pilbara Corridors Project website

The Benefits

'DoView produces clear diagrams with consistent formatting across the components.'

DoView solves problems in Natural Resource Management. 

Have you ever?

  • Spent weeks on text-based NRM monitoring, evaluation or performance management plans knowing that no one will read them?
  • Put your NRM plan to one side once it's approved and developed separate documents, presentations and files to control monitoring, evaluation and performance management implementation?
  • Handed over an NRM monitoring, evaluation or performance management project, or had one handed over to you, which consisted of innumerable confused files?
  • Wished you could have just one master file (a DoView file) setting out your whole measurement plan based around a visual model of the NRM program and, if necessary, linking out to all the relevant documentation?
  • Wished you could immediately see which aspects of an NRM project have indicators monitoring progress?
  • Wanted to immediately see the level at which a particular evaluation question lies within an NRM monitoring and evaluation plan?
  • Thought that NRM decision-makers don't have time to read your text-based monitoring, evaluation and performance management plans and therefore don't have meaningful input into planning?

Build more accessible, easily communicated NRM visual strategic, monitoring, evaluation and performance management plans in half the time. Use it to: plan NRM work; make all your presentations on it; use it as a knowledge mangement tool; and use it to report your results.


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