Visual Strategy Diagrams can speed up NZ Government planning

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DoView® Strategy Diagrams are a new way of capturing strategy and making it visual™. 

  • They capture strategy in a very accessible visual drill-downable format. Hundreds of these diagrams have been developed for the NZ government, other governments and nonprofits.
  • We have worked out an efficient way of getting strategy out of peoples’ heads and extracting it from multiple documents so it can be modelled in one authoritiative place.
  • We are continually drawing new DoView Strategy Diagrams for government projects, whole departments and for whole sectors. 
  • Once developed, these strategy diagrams are designed so that they can be used to: identify priorities, make sure there is organisational alignment, identify indicators and KPIs, identify how to measure impact and to ensure outcomes-focused contracting.
  • As a result of our work, we have now developed a comprehensive set of visual strategy diagrams that cover much of the NZ Public Sector. 
  • This approach could now also be applied at the ministerial level to speed up the implmentation of policy across the NZ Public Sector.  
  • Gaining efficiencies through the widespread use of this new, visual planning, approach within the NZ Public Sector would be another example of New Zealand showing how it can lead the world in public sector innovation.  

DoView Strategy Diagrams use a standard drill-downable format to show the key outcomes an organisation, programme, policy or sector is focused on and the steps needed to achieve these. Since 2000, many of the outcomes sets appearing in NZ government agency planning documents - particularly Statements of Intent - have been based on individual agency's DoView Strategy Diagrams. Some departments have also used the approach for all of their strategic planning and to provide the structure for setting out their outcomes within their Statements of Intent. See the booklet above for how the approach can be used at different stages within the government planning, prioritisation and implementation cycle.

Given its success at the departmental, provider and iwi level, the DoView Strategy Diagram approach could now also be used for Ministers to specify the strategy they would like to see implented by government agencies and providers. Because of the size of government agencies and the networks of providers that are involved in providing many public services, it can be challenging to get policy implemented quickly and consistently right across the public sector.   

Below we show a number of examples of DoView Strategy Diagrams. These are set out within a framework showing how a government could progressively develop a comprehensive set of DoView Strategy Diagrams systematically covering all the important areas in which it is wanting to make progress. Note that the models in the first column ’Some announced Government priorities’ have been developed as proof of concept models and do not necessarily represent the current government’s thinking. In the middle column are some examples of individual government agency strategy diagrams. On the right-hand side are other examples of DoView Strategy Diagrams (e.g. for a DHB and a District Council). Click on any box with a small triangle in the bottom corner to drill-down and come back up again. Use HOME to return to the top of the overall diagram. 


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