Collection of NZ government strategy models - working on 2019-08-14

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 Dr Paul Duignan’s      three minute overview

Community Housing Aotearoa is the peak body for New Zealand’s community housing sector. It is currently working with strategy and outcomes specialists DoView® Consulting to develop a DoView® Strategy Diagram for the New Zealand housing sector. A DoView® Strategy Diagram is a visual model of all of the outcomes being sought by an organization or sector and the steps that it is believed need to be undertaken to achieve those outcomes. 

Traditionally, organizational or sector ‘strategy’ has been spread across many different places: within organizational or sector-wide vision statements; set out in strategy documents; insights arising in the course of strategy discussions; and, strategy ideas located inside people’s heads. The DoView® approach captures strategy, represents it in one authoritative place and then makes it visual. It is based on the idea that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.

Once an organization or sector’s strategy has been captured within a DoView® Strategy Diagram, the diagram can then be used to: communicate the strategy; work out organizational or sector priorities; to make sure that projects and activities are aligned to these priorities; to identify whether indicators and KPIs are actually measuring the right things; and it these strategy diagrams can also be used for outcomes-focused contracting and delegation.


The benefits of this approach include, firstly, the fact that the visual strategy diagram provides a single comprehensive and authoritative statement of strategy in one place. Second, people looking at a visual strategy diagram can very quickly understand what it is that an organization or sector is trying to achieve. This is a very transparent approach to strategy debvelopment. Third, this planning approach can be up to 40% faster than other traditional text-based planning approaches. Fourth, the approach can be used to make sure, and prove to others, that there is tight alignment between priorities and organizational or sector priorities. 

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