Public Sector Outcomes and Performance Management in New Zealand for the  Indonesian Ministry of Finance. DoView Outcomes Systems / Parker Duignan Consulting Training. 23rd - 28th November 2014.

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Laman ini memuat daftar materi yang diperlukan oleh peserta pelatihan.

Below are some useful links for those attending the training in New Zealand.


1. Administration

The detailed daily program.

2. Overall description of the New Zealand system


Putting it Together: An Explanatory Guide to New Zealand's State Sector Financial Management System. 

This is a description of the New Zealand performance management system. Note that the system has now been changed and Statements of Intent now only have to be produced every three years, there are less requirements about what departments have to report and the system is encouraging more collaborative planning between departments.

3. The departments that we will be visiting

Below are the weblinks to the departments that we will be visiting.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade - welcome and indicator and outputs identification.

Department of Conservation - using a visual logic model (a DoView) to structure outcomes, outputs costing.

Inland Revenue Department - taxation, performance indicators, making taxation more efficient.

Treasury - overview of the system, developing an investment approach to an area (social welfare).

State Services Commission - Performance Improvement Framework - Improving Government agencies.

Office of the Auditor General - Control of departmental expenditure, auditing, and performance reviews of areas of government.

4. Political level

Better Public Services. The list of targets from government decided on by the government.


6. Department of Conservation case study

We will be using as a case study the Department of Conservation. You might like to look at these documents below which are a typical set of documents from a New Zealand government department.

Statement of Intent - This is the annual strategic plan.

Output Plan - This is the list of outputs.

Annual Report - This is their report back on what they have achieved.

7. Treasury

Managing for Outcomes: Output Plans and Guidance for Departments.

Investment approach to the benefit system. 2013 Work and Income benefit System Performance Report.

8. Office of the Auditor General and the Controller Function

Presentation on the audit function. Presentation on the controller function.

Guidance from the Office of the Auditor General on auditing standards AG4 (revised).

New Zealand Institute of Charted Accountants guidance TPA 9.

Treasury Guide explaining the new approach and 'what is intended to be achieved'.

The top two documents will need to be revised because of the changes to the New Zealand system which is being changed to make it more flexible.

Examples of Statements of Intent from the OAG.

9. State Services Commission - Performance Improvement Framework (PIF)

Presentation consisted of looking at the key documents from the PIF website.On the front page of this website there are four 'Core Guides'. The first is about understanding the Framework, the second about using it to do a self-review. The third and fourth guides provide insights from the PIF Lead Reviewers from reviews.

The most recently published reports are also available.

10. Inland Revenue Department (IR) Taxation

IR Presentation.

IR for the Future poster.. IR For the Future web page. Their long term strategy

Tax Administration Diagnostic Assessment Tool (TADAT) international tool.

Example of detailed costing p. 132 2014 Annual Report shows that they have detailed costing information.

Inland Revenue Statement of Intent 2014-2018. This is the last one under the old system.You will probably find information on their new strategic documentation in the future here.

IR's Annual Report 2014. You will probably find future reports here.

IR's Performance Measurement and Delivery Document (PDMD).

Detailed documentation of their budget used as part of the 'Estimates of Appropriations' - the documentation that goes to Parliament.

11. Government Asset Management information

Pat Duignan session Thursday 27th on capital asset management

Information on how capital assets are managed in New Zealand is available from the Treasury website page on Capital Asset Management.

Guidance on getting permission for capital purchases and capital asset management has been issued by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

A list of capital intensive agencies are identified by the government and they are the ones that have to meet detailed requirements about capital assets management. 

Speech by the Deputy Secretary at the Treasury giving information about how government is managing capital assets. FSGNZ referred in the speech are the Financial Statements of the Government of New Zealand.

The speech is based on the document: Investment Statement: Managing the Crown's Balance Sheet

 National State of Infrastructure Report update for 2013. This is an update to the original plan The National Infrastructure Plan 2011.

Better Business Cases: Guide to Developing the Strategic Assessment. A Treasury guidance note.

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