CIFOR DoView/Outcomes-Theory/Outcomes-Focused Visual Planning Workshop Friday 27 September 2013


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Information for workshop participants.

We will be covering a lot of material in the workshop. We would normally spend three days workshopping the material we are overviewing in this workshop. We will give you the broad outline and then you can explore the material yourselves in more detail. 

Workshop objectives: 

1. Quick overview of what outcomes theory is - the conceptual framework and set of principles for thinking about all the issues involved in outcomes, their measurement, attribution and accountability in any area of work in any sector (

2. Present the Outcomes System Diagram - this diagram provides you with the basis for coherently responding to demands that you 'prove you are making a difference to high-level outcomes'. (

3. Overview of DoView Outcomes-Based Visual Planning. (DoView Planning Basic Resources).

4. Overview the Outcomes Model Rules for building outcomes DoViews (the particular type of theory of change, impact pathway, results chain, program theory, intervention logic, end-means diagram) that we use within the DoView approach. ( (Outcomes Model Rules Workbook)

5. Reference to the Impact Evaluation Feasibility Check - a list of the seven major impact evaluation design types that can be used to establish that you are having an impact on high-level outcomes. (

6. Quick introduction to DoView Software's basic features and a few advanced features. (DoView Software Training Workbook).

7. Looking at an example, the Child Cancer Foundation DoView

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