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The Accident Compensation Corporation is a national universal injury and work insurance company which also has responsibility for injury prevention. A number of areas within ACC have been mapped using the DoView Results Roadmap approach. These include: Sensitive Claims; Mates and Dates; Elective Services; and Clinical Services. Injury Prevention is currently being mapped (Child Injury Prevention has been mapped so far). The possibility of mapping High Tech Imaging as part of the Customer Centric Proof of Concept is being examined. The DoView Results Roadmaps developed so far have also been used as part of an overall indicator inventory project, itemising ACC’s indicators and seeing how they relate to its outcomes as part of organisational performance management and impact evaluation.


Below are the DoView Results Roadmaps that have been produced so far for ACC

High quality facilities, suppliers and professionals contracted for

screenshot 69

Clinical services

screenshot 70

ACC client outcomes

screenshot 71

Dr Paul Duignan


1. Possibility of developing a comprehensive ACC DoView Results Roadmap is not far away

Given the individual projects and groups within ACC that have already been mapped, it would be possible to finish mapping the rest of ACC using this methodology. This would leverage the investment which has already been made in mapping ACC using DoView Results Roadmap. It would provide a comprehensive roadmap for ACC which could then be used for a range of strategic and related purposes. 

2. Why develop a comprehensive DoView Results Roadmap of ACC? 

A DoView Results Roadmap allows the board, management and staff to quickly overview what it is that the organization is attempting to achieve from a helicopter overview level. It then lets them drill-down to a sufficient level of detail to obtain a clear picture of the details of organizational strategy. This is an invaluable tool for doing some of the following organizational tasks: identifying priorities; ensuring alignment;  performance management; program improvement; and impact evaluation.

3. An ideal way of communicating with stakeholders 

A comprehensive DoView Results Roadmap is an ideal way of communicating with stakeholders an organization’s high-level outcomes and what it is doing in order to achive these. 

4. Relationship to project planning

In a setting such as ACC, a DoView Results Roadmaps supplements, but does not replace, traditional project planning using whatever methodologies the organization currently employs. The DoView roadmap functions at a level above project planning. Its job is to identify which projects the organization will undertake and how these are related to its outcomes. This is sometimes known as Enterprise Portfolio Management and DoView is an affordable. light-weight and agile way of undertaking some aspects of this. 

In any project planning methodology, the first paragraph in a project plan usually consists of a statement about the ‘objectives’, ‘outcomes’ or ‘purpose’ of the project. Where there are a large number of projects it can be very difficult for anyone overviewing the set of projects to determine whether there are gaps or overlaps in the organization's overall strategy. A DoView Results Roadmap allows you to use a common language for describing individual project’s outcomes.  

5. Relationship to Business Process Engineering 

DoView Results Roadmap complements Business Process Engineering in the same way that it complements traditional project planning. It sits at a level above Business Process Engineering and it assists one to determine what is that you are wanting to do at a relatively high strategic level. Business Process Engineering then goes on to work out what  the organization needs to do in order to operationalise its strategy. 

6. Relationship to Benefits Mapping and Investment Logic Mapping

Benefits Mapping and Investment Logic Mapping are methodologies which identify the problems an organization or sector is facing and identify the benefits that will be realised by a particular project or initiative.

Conceptually, a DoView Results Roadmap shows in detail how one can get from the problems currently being faced to achieve the benefits which have been identified.

DoView has been used for a large Benefits Mapping exercises looking at a billion dollar railways modernisation project in Denmark

7. Relationship with Results Based Accountability, 

DoView Results Roadmap outlines the basic structure of what it is that an organization is trying to achieve. This can then be used to identify indicators under headings such as those used within Results Based Accountability.  

8. Relationship with Balance Scorecard

A DoView Results Roadmap can be used in the same way in the case of the Balanced Scorecard methodology.

8. Relationship with the 5 Cases Funding Case Methodology 

The 5 Case Model is an approach which is used in New Zealand and elsewhere to set out a case for public sector investment. It includes developing a Strategic Case, an Economic Case, a Commercial Case, a Financial Case and a Management Case. 

DoView Results Roadmap can provide the framework for thinking about the high-level strategic purpose of what is being done within the Strategic Case, it can then also assist at some other parts of the 5 Cases Methodology. 

Using DoView Results Roadmap with the 5 Cases approach is currently being explored in regard to District planning for the Horowhenua District in New Zealand.

9. Using DoView as an agile ’Swiss Army Knife' outcomes processor

When doing accounting you need to use a spreedsheet. When doing outcomes work of any kind a suitable tool is also necessary. In addition to the ways in which ACC may wish to use the DoView Results Roadmap approach, it can use the licenses it has to DoView software as a tool for range of different types of outcomes work. 

For instance, it can be used for building an Investment Logic Map, multiple different types of intervention logics or program theories, indicator work, evaluation planning work etc.  

People traditionally use a mixture of Powerpoint and Excel and sometimes tables in Word. Powerpoint while it is a great presentation package does not have the key analytical features of DoView (e.g. being able to connect boxes across pages and rapidly drill down to additional pages). 

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