DoView® Visual Planning for a Collaboration or Sector

Better planning and coordination of 'collaborations' or sectors involving many projects and organizations 

Collaboration used to be done by listing projects and organizations and having some sort of statement summarizing each project's objectives. As soon as there are a number of projects, this approach becomes too complex for a robust analysis of gaps and overlaps. Use the steps in DoView Visual Planning for a Collaboration or Sector to develop a 'Sector X-Ray' which you can use to quickly find gaps and overlaps in your current mix of projects. 

List your projects on a page within DoView software 

List your organizations on a DoView page

Build an outcomes DoView (an outcomes model) of what your collaboration or sector is seeking. More on how to build Outcomes DoViews.  

Click around inside the below example of a webpage version of a DoView model.

Map your projects onto the boxes within the Outcomes DoView they target

The unique DoView link makes it easy to link boxes across different pages.

Count the number of projects linking to each box (the small numbers on the bottom of each box) so you can see line-of-sight alignment between projects and steps in the DoView

If you wish, prioritize the boxes in the Outcomes DoView first so you can see if projects are focused on priority boxes. More on that in the DoView Visual Planning and Management process.

Look at the page below, for instance, and you can see that there are few projects targeting the page below page (look at the small numbers at the bottom of each box) compared to the page above

This DoView Sector X-Ray immediately identifies the gaps and overlaps in a way that traditional text-and-table collaboration simply can't. 

Make a poster of your Sector DoView to show the sector in overview

Turn on the links within DoView Software you can prove to people that you've done line-of-sight analysis between projects and steps

Download the DoView free trial now and then download the DoView file embedded below to play around with it

Click on 'Download the DoView file' of this model at the bottom of the embedded DoView webpage model below to download the DoView file that created it.

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