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Staff at the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) have used  DoView Outcomes Software for planning, proving impact and communicating outcomes to funders and other stakeholders. The group is a non-profit, global research facility dedicated to advancing human wellbeing, environmental conservation and equity. It conducts research that enables more informed and equitable decision making about the use and management of forests in less-developed countries. It is associated with the CGIAR research group.

DoView is being used to develop a large-scale visual model (DoView-style Theories of Change) for a research collaboration CIFOR is involved in (FTA/CRP6); for similar lower-level Impact Pathway DoView-style models; and for communicating the impact of its climate change-related research work. See the CIFOR-related visual models.

DoView training has been held at CIFOR's International HQ campus.

Purchasing DoView with the CIFOR / CGIAR discount

A substantial discount has been arranged for any CIFOR or CGIAR staff who wish to purchase DoView. 

This discount is to be used only by CIFOR or CGIAR staff. If you want to purchase large numbers of copies get in contact with us through our contact page.

Other research organizations seeking discounts can also contact us on our contact page

For CIFOR or CGIAR staff to purchase DoView licenses they should go through the normal purchase process (click on buy now below) and when they get to the shopping cart enter the discount code 13JCER89. This will mean that they can purchase a permanent license to DoView software for US$89 rather than the full price of $199. Any questions please contact DoView using the form on the contact page.

Remember to follow DoView Outcomes Specialist Dr Paul Duignan on Twitter; use the DoView Community of Practice on Linkedin for questions and discussion.


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