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For Profit - DoView can be used in a number of ways in the private sector - for instance, here is a resource on how you can use DoView for strategic planning for a private sector - A more specific example of how it can be used for specific strategic analysis is in Startup Competitive Analysis

Government - Have you seen our resource on how DoView can be used in many aspects of govenment  planning and budgeting

University/Research - (updated 12 August 2015)

DoView can be used in research in a range of different ways. Think of it as an agile toolkit from which you can pick the tools you want.

The following page lists ways in which DoView can be used in research. These include: planning individual research projects; assessing the impact of your research; allocating research funding; developing items in a questionnaire; reviewing or evaluating a program; building theories of change and logic models; and helping parties work together on collaborative projects.


Funder -


Your Sector

Health  - Services/Welfare.

International Development -

Higher Education

Schools -


Environment -


Intended Use

Program or Strategic Planning - Have you seen the page on the DoView website where we talk about using DoView for program and strategic planning -

Monitoring and  Evaluation -

Performance Management

Logic Modelling -

Strategy Maps

Results Chains

Theories of Change

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