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Sometimes when you’re immersed in the nuts and bolts of the management of sustainable projects, you get bogged down. You can be overwhelmed by deadlines, find it difficult to maintain a focus on what you are trying to achieve, and can't see the forest for the trees.

Innovative visual planning software, DoView, is changing all that for sustainable development and infrastructure around the planet.

Now used in 40+ countries, DoView is an example of how hyper-lean ICT can help ensure the achievement of sustainable outcomes. It provides planners with a light, agile tool to ensure they can focus directly on their priority high-level outcomes without compromising or sinking beneath the complexity of their projects.

Across the globe, DoView is enabling sustainability planners to better manage current reporting requirements, and plan for the future.

An example is the Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact Assessment team from the CGIAR Research Program on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry. This collaborative research program is using DoView to help enhance the management and use of forests, agroforestry and tree genetic resources across the landscape from forests to farms. CIFOR leads the program in partnership with Bioversity International, CIRAD, the International Center for Tropical Agriculture and the World Agroforestry Centre.

In New Zealand, DoView has enabled the Department of Conservation to articulate their outcomes and constantly review how current or new programs of work will help achieve them. “As a large government department, we are working to align our operational and strategic work programmes around our [DoView] outcomes model,” says Neal Gordon, Outcomes Management Office, NZ Department of Conservation.

In Western Australia, DoView has enabled Rangelands, an NGO working on sustainable use of natural resources, to efficiently prepare logic models and empower teams to take ownership of the identification and implementation of interactions between project components. DoView is being used to identify areas of evaluation and monitoring and, where further work is required, incorporate them into planning processes. “DoView allows us to efficiently prepare logic models for both individual projects and programs combining multiple projects,” says Lesley Millar, Monitoring, Evaluation and Knowledge Manager, Rangelands, NRM.

In Denmark, DoView is enabling sustainable infrastructure planning by assisting with the US$3.5 billion overhaul of Denmark’s railway system. This project is using the software for benefits mapping. DoView is enabling planners to determine exactly which projects need to be launched to achieve the desired outcomes.

“We use DoView to develop and depict how benefits and intermediate benefits are related to business changes,” says Anders Lund, a consultant with the large European multi-disciplinary engineering, design and consultancy company Ramboll, who uses DoView as his primary tool for documenting work related to benefits. “We ensure that the organisations keep their ‘eyes on the price’ – that is, let the benefit-driven logic scope the technical projects.”

DoView is the creation of former Fulbright Senior Scholar, Dr Paul Duignan, an international pioneer in the newly emerging area of visual strategic planning and outcomes thinking. “DoView is a new paradigm, agile visual strategic planning tool, optimized for real-time high-level strategic discussions around the Boardroom table and in other organizational planning meetings. It is fantastic that it is proving so useful in the area of sustainable development and natural resource management".



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1 August 2013


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