Publishing web-page versions of DoView models using Dropbox

Publish DoView webpage models (created within DoView) in a matter of minutes using Dropbox Pro (This costs $9.99 per month, you can for Dropbox Pro at

1. Install Dropbox from It will show new folders in your normal file and folder list. Activate the 'public' option to have a folder that anyone can look at.

2. Use File > Create Web Page Model and save to the Public folder of your Dropbox in your file and folder list.

3. Go to the Public folder of your Dropbox and Right-Click on the filename.html file DoView just created and select Dropbox > Copy Public Link. Paste this in your browser. 

Wait a minute or two and you will be able to see the webpage version of your DoView model. You can share this link with anyone so they can also see it. 

A webpage version of a DoView model looks like the one below. If you have selected the option when you created the file - people can click on ‘Download the DoView file of this model’ and get a copy of the DoView file that created the webpage version.

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