Best way to print out DoView files

Why we suggest building DoView models in the 1 X 1 format

The default format for building DoView models is the 1 X 1 page format. Building models using this format entails breaking up your model into a series of pages which can be viewed on a dataprojector, printed out on normal letter-sized paper, viewed on a tablet. This approach lets you produce a ‘DoView Booklet’ version of your model (see below). You can still go on to create a large poster-sized model people can use to get an overview by placing a number of 1 X 1 pages onto a poster-sized page (see below). Remember, of course, that with DoView you can at any time build models which are based on a range of larger page sizes if you need to.  

Making a small cool printed ‘DoView Booklet’ - A5 (5.83” X 8.27”) or Junior Legal (5.0" X 8.0") size

If you build a DoView using the 1 X 1 default format it’s great to print it out as a small booklet. It looks compact and gives the feeling that it’s a printed ‘model’ rather than just a normal report or a set of diagrams. 

Some Board Members in organisations have been known to carry around one of these DoView Booklets and when someone asks: ‘what is it that this organization is trying to do?’ the just hand them the DoView Booklet. 

To produce a DoView Booklet, create a PDF from within DoView (File > Print As PDF). If you count the number of pages you have in your PDF and make them up to multiples of 4 you can determine what appears on the front and back pages of your booklet. 

Then just ask your copy shop to print your PDF as an A5 booklet, or give them the measurements if they don’t use the A5 paper size standard. Here’s an example below.

Printing a poster of your DoView model

The best way to produce a poster of your DoView model is to create a poster-sized page. Click on the small arrow on the right of New 1x1 Page at the bottom of the Page List. Select Other Sizes . . . and select Larger Pages > 4 X 5). If you’re building your poster from a series of 1X1 pages then go to the 1X1 page you want to copy from. From the Menu select Edit > Select All then Edit > Copy. Go to the poster page and select from the Menu Edit > Paste As Clone. This will mean that if you ever edit the text in a box on your 1X1 page, the text in the cloned box will change on your poster page. 

When you’ve finished, select File > Print As PDF save the poster page as a PDF and send it to your copy shop.

If you get them to print it out on larger A0 (33.1” x 46.8”) paper instead of A1 (23.4” x 33.1”) paper (which is the size you originally created it on) then the font will be just a bit larger and people will be able to easily read it when the poster is put up on a wall. 


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