DoView can turn models created in DoView into web page versions which you can look at on the internet. Here are two examples, one of an outcomes model for a school, the other for a regional economic development program. You can download the DoView file which created this web page version of the model from the web page version itself (click on Download the DoView File of this Model at the bottom of the page).

School Outcomes Model (Logic Model)

Regional Economic Development Outcomes Model (Logic Model)

Green Houses Project Outcomes Model (Logic Model)

An example of a full  evaluation plan developed in Doview

There are many more examples of DoView models at the site OutcomesModels.org. along with many resources (videos, tip sheets, workbooks). The models currently on OutcomesModels.org are for Version 1.18 of DoView (they can all be read by Version 2.0), they are progressively being updated to Version 2 models and turned into left-to-right models (DoView can build left-to-right and bottom-to-top models) such as the first two example models above. 

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