How evaluation students can use DoView outcomes & evaluation software

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You can use DoView to become a better evaluator faster.   

"The best product I've ever used for building programme logics ... and it's so easy to use!"  Pauline Dickinson, Evaluator

Build more impressive program logic models faster 

DoView is fast and easy to use. If you are just learning to build logic models, program logics, strategy maps, means-ends diagrams, or outcomes models as part of a course you are taking in program evaluation or a related subject, DoView can take care of the drawing side of your work. This frees you up to concentrate on what you need to do in your course and in your work as an evaluator - actually building your models. Unlike other options, you won’t waste any time learning to use DoView. In 5 minutes you can be building the models you need faster and easier. And using Doview's unique modular approach, you can build models much larger than a single printed page. Download  the DoView free trial, watch the Quick-start Video Tour and subscribe to the newsletter and you can see for yourself how much easier your work can be. 

Be more effective and efficient

DoView is made for drawing logic models, it has powerful features specifically designed to help you develop your models. Because DoView has great modular flexibility, you can easily borrow, customize and reuse elements from other logic models, without having to reinvent the wheel every time you need a new programme logic.  You can even download and use DoView programme logic examples developed by expert evaluators (see the growing collection of logic models at  When you need to develop and use a logic model, you’ll find DoView helps you be more effective and efficient…it’s a simple case of using the right tool for the job.

Stay in control

DoView’s features help you stay in control of your information and your logic models. With DoView, you’ll find it simple to manage, amend, format and share your logic models. DoView keeps you in the driver’s seat.  Its purpose-built features make it so simple to stay in control that you can actually start enjoying your drawing logic models for a change. 

Use DoView and the Easy Outcomes approach to build a comprehensive evaluation plan

Easy Outcomes is a comprehensive approach to building an evaluation plan which anyone is free to use. It uses DoView to build a visual outcomes model (logic model) of a program and structures the evaluation plan around this model. It includes lists of different aspects of evaluation planning (e.g. a list of the seven possible outcome evaluation designs, a list of evaluation methods, a list of economic evaluation methods, a list of evaluation management issues). This approach means that you will not leave out anything important when you develop your evaluation plan.  


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    1. Have you wasted hours formatting your logics, trying to make them look neater? 

    2. Do you often need to cut and paste your logic into reports and emails? 

    3. Are you sick and tired of not being able to read your programme logics via a data-projector or when they’re printed out? 

    4. Do you wish you could easily store evidence for your links and reference notes for your outcomes?

    5. Have you ever deleted causal links just because you couldn’t get them to look right?


If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions you owe it to yourself to try DoView.  

Download a free trial now and see what a difference DoView makes for you.

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