Educational Instructors' Information Sheet - DoView® Education Package

How instructors can get their copy of DoView standard version

Under the DoView Education Package, Educational Instructors should download the normal version of DoView from the DoView download page. When they buy Education Package, they will be emailed a single registration serial number which they can use to register their normal version of DoView. This will make it into a fully licensed permanent copy of DoView. Within one business day, they will also be emailed a user name and password to give to their students so they can download the DoView Student Version (which does not require a registration serial number and which works for only one year).

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How students can get their copy of DoView Student Version

Instructors should print out the Student Information Sheet. They should fill in the gap for username and password on that page (there is just one user and password and it will be emailed to the Instructor) and give each student a printed version of the Student Information Sheet. The student's copy will work for one year from the time the student downloads it. 

Accessing DoView resources

Resources for using DoView can be found on the DoView Resources Page and are listed on the Student Information Sheet

If students or instructors have any questions, or suggestions for enhancement of DoView please use the contact form

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