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To register DoView

Once downloaded, register DoView using the Registration Serial Number from your Order Confirmation Email.





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Install instructions

•  Uninstall any earlier versions (Windows - Program Menu>DoView>Uninstall) (Mac - drag from Applications folder to Trashcan)

•  Download DoView from this page. Windows - run the installation. Mac drag to the Applications folder.

•  The trial version of DoView includes the functionality for DoView Standard, DoView Pro and DoView Student.

•  Entering the Registration Serial Number (File > Register) you will be emailed if you buy DoView will make the trial version into a permanent registered version. 

•  When first installing on some versions of Windows, DoView takes a little time to open the first time. If DoView is taking some time to open, restart your machine after installation it open fast from then on.

Download the PDF of the DoView 3.0 Help Manual
Full DoView Help Manual PDF. Detailed information in printed form of how to use all aspects of DoView. Print the manual out and use it to find out more about using DoView. 

DoView is a stand alone non-networked application.

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