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Download DoView

These pages were created by DoView, software for building simple outcomes models for strategic planning, evaluation, and other purposes.

Download DoView here

Information on DoView for Corporate IT departments

Edit a copy of this model

This web page model includes a copy of the original DoView file from which it was created. You can edit a copy of this model on your own computer by downloading and installing a trial copy of DoView. The original DoView file may be downloaded via the option bar at the bottom of the screen.

How are DoView web page models created?

When a DoView file is open within DoView software on a local computer, create a web page model by selecting the File » Create Web Page Model menu option. It will be saved in your preferred subdirectory, ready to be uploaded to an intranet or the Internet.

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This is a web page version of a DoView model.
The full model may contain additional information.