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Example models on the web

  • Water Systems and Climate Change Office. The DoView | DoView File | PDF.
  • Planning a collaboration (showing DoView, projects, organizations, and numbers projects mapped onto each step). The DoView.
  • Department of Conservation. More.
  • National or Regional Brand Promotion Organization. More.
  • School (with line and arrow connectors). More.
  • Visual Evaluation Plan of a Teacher Professional Development Program (TTT). More. PDF.
  • Regional Health Health Organization. More.

For Strategic Planners

  • How to build a DoView Visual Strategic Plan. More.

For Evaluators

  • How to build a DoView Visual M&E Plan. More.
  • For use in Empowerment Evaluation. More.
  • For evaluation questionnaire design. More.
  • The rules for drawing an accessible DoView-type logic model, theory of change. More.
  • Duignan's Impact Evaluation Feasibility Check. More.

Use other particular types of users

  • DoView Educational Package - for instructors to get a class set. More.
  • How Foundations can use DoView for Outcomes-Based and Results-Based Funding. More.
  • For Research and Development (R&D) planning. More
  • Multi-stakeholder sector or collaboration planning. More.

Use in particular sectors

  • Schools for planning and more. More.
  • Climate Change proving impact. More.
  • National or Regional Brand Promotion Organizations proving their impact. More.

DoView Community of Practice

  • Linkedin group on using DoView software. Here
  • Linkedin group on the wider question of using the DoView Visual Planning and Management Process. Here
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  • How to put a DoView web page model onto the internet using the free Dropbox service. More.

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