Natural Resource Management in Australia

Rob Richards

"In the Natural Resource Management (Conservation) sector in Australia, myself and colleagues are teaching organizations to use DoView as one way of drawing program logic models for their work. Increasingly, different levels of government in Australia investing in natural resource management, like governments throughout the world, are using program logics. The logics provide investors, such as government, greater confidence in their investments by enabling them to set out all of the steps that will lead to outcomes that are desired in a program. The logics can also be used to surface the key assumptions that underpin the programs and for identifying evidence that can be bought to bear on the topic in question. DoView provides one way of drawing and presenting such models. We have also been able to suggest some modifications to DoView which the DoView development team have subsequently built into later releases of DoView."

Rob Richards, Natural Resource Management Principal Consultant, Clear Horizon Austrailia. 

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