CRP6 / FTA Consortium

Using DoView to construct a large visual Theory of Change and specific Impact Pathways for the CRP6/FTA Research Consortium

The Solution

A large scale DoView was built. It consisted of a high-level generic DoView describing the outcomes and steps leading to them in the area of research production, engagement with stakeholders, gender issues etc (in this case called the generic Theory of Change).

In addiiton, lower level, more specific outcomes DoViews were constructed describing what was happening in each of a number of sub-divisions of the research program called Themes. Each of these was described as an Impact Pathway.

The Problem

The CRP6/FTA Research Consortium is a large-scale global research consortium involving many research groups working on many different forest, trees and agroforesty research projects in many countries. It needed to communicate its outcomes in the climate change, biodiversity and rural development areas to funders and other stakeholders and to show that it was having an impact on these outcomes.

Traditional forms of documentation - large reports and lengthy tables listing projects - were proving increasingly unweildly in a fast moving world where funders and others have little time to get to grips with what programs are doing and establishing whether or not they are having an impact.

The Benefits

The CRP6/FTA DoView enabled researchers to think about, discuss and clarify the outcomes they were seeking in their research. It let them communicate these and how they were going about seeking to achieve them.

Using DoView Outcomes-Based Visual Planning (based on outcomes theory), it also let them discuss in a more sophisticated, realistic and robus way the impact their research was having on outcomes.

DoView solves your problems when you are trying to communicate what you are doing to busy funders and stakeholders.  

Have you ever?

  • Been frustrated trying to explain the steps between your day-to-day work and how they are contributing to achieving high-level outcomes? 
  • Not been able to clearly articulate your successes to date because they seem to be at a low, rather than high, level?
  • Been unclear about exactly how you will show you've had an impact on the high-level outcomes your are working to achieve?

Build an accessible, easily communicated DoView visual model of what you are trying to active and use it to prioritize your strategic thinking, organize your measures and show the impact of your work. 

Make life simpler with DoView.

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