Australia Unlimited Impact Assessment and DoView planning

Toni Leemen. Building Brand Australia Program.

Impact assessment and planning for the Australia Unlimited Brand 

The Solution

'First DoView Outcomes-Focused Visual Strategic Planning was used to build a DoView model of what was being done within the Australia Unlimited program. This was then quickly populated with success indicators (metrics) and this formed the basis for traffic-lighting boxes within the DoView to show the level of progress made by the program on each box.

The existing and proposed work program was then identified and DoView was used to quickly map the boxes in the work program onto the boxes within the higher-level DoView. This enabled the use of DoView Line-Of-Sight analysis to ensure that the proposed forward work program (subject to funding) was tightly focused on those boxes within the model which needed more work (i.e. those that had been traffic-lighted at a level below green).

Lastly, Duignan's Impact Evaluation Feasiblity Check was used to identify which of seven possible types of impact evaluation would be appropriate, feasible, affordable and credible for establishing the impact of the Australia Unlimited work.'

The Problem

'Australia Unlimited is an initiative within the Brand Australia program run by the Australian Trade Commission. It focuses on promoting a new image of Australia within international markets.

The challenge was to develop a plan for assessing the impact of Australia Unlimited's activity. In such brand promotion programs, the difficulty is that there are many steps between final economic outcomes for the country and the specific activity undertaken within a program like Australia Unlimited - identifying key brand characteristics, developing narratives around these and promoting them through new media to key audiences.'

Harold Holder alcohol problem prevention researcher
Toni Leemen, Former Group Manager, Building Brand Australia Program

The Benefits

'It was possible to immediately 'see', and communicate, the steps in the logic between Australia Unlimited's work and higher-level economic outcomes for Australia. The traffic-lighting provided a very fast way of communicating successes and areas where more more work was required.

The Line-of-Sight analysis allowed pin-point analysis of where any future work should focus and provided a justification for why the specifics of the future work program were being proposed.

The technically sophisticated impact evaluation feasiblity check meant we could be assured that we had examined in detail the possibilities for impact assessment for the program rather than just flying by the seat of our pants in regard to planning how to prove impact.'

Some illustrative pages showing what a Planning and Impact Assessment DoView can look like 

Below are some illustrative pages showing what a Planning and Impact Assessment DoView can look like in a case such as this one. The specific pages below do not necessarily represent what was in the actual DoView used in this case study. The versions below are for illustrative purposes only.

Front page

Below is the front page showing the high-level overview of this type of DoView. When using the actual DoView, the reader is able to drill-down under each of these boxes for more detail of each level. 

screenshot 2341

Illustrative drill-down page

Below is an illustrative drill-down page showing the next level down in this type of DoView. 

screenshot 2342

Illustrative 'line-of-sight' page

Below is an illustrative drill-down page showing 'line-of-sight' alignment between boxes and the projects that focus on them. level down in this type of DoView. 

screenshot 2344

Boxes on the drill-down pages of the DoView were traffic lighted. This provided a very fast and accessible overview of what progress had been made on each box. The traffic lighting was done on the basis of the indicator (yellow icon) and evaluation question (green icon) results that had been mapped onto the DoView as part of the DoView Impact Assessment process. 

screenshot 2340

DoView solves your problems in brand planning and brand impact assessment. 

Have you ever?

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  • Not been able to clearly articulate your successes to date in building your brand?
  • Been unclear about exactly how you will show you've had an impact on the high-level outcomes your brand work attempting to achieved?
  • Wanted to clearly show the areas of brand work program in which further resources should be invested?

Build an accessible, easily communicated visual model of your brand and use it for pin-point planning of priority future work on the brand, organize your metrics, and work out how to best show your impact.

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