Describing and discussiong strategy and priorities

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DoView visual strategic planning for corporates

Different members of the management team will have different mental models of outcomes and preferred strategies. These mental models have traditionally been expressed in narrative documents, within discussions around the table and within notes scrawed on whiteboards. The DoView approach gets these mental models out of management's heads into a single comprehensive model (DoView Visual Strategy Model). It’s projected on the wall or shared on screen and it promotes faster, more cutting, more integrated arguments about strategy as the model is amended. The amended model is then used to quickly communicate the consensus view on outcomes, strategy and priorities.  

Tell your story by drawing a visual DoView Visual Strategic Plan

Draw a full visual model of your high-level outcomes and of the lower-level steps needed to achieve them. Don’t worry about priorities when drawing this, get down all of what might be needed to achieve your outcomes. More on drawing a DoView.

screenshot 1145

Click through this webpage version of a software company DoView outcomes model

Click on boxes with small grey triangles in them.


Prioritize your boxes

Show which outcomes you’re focusing on within the next planning period (e.g. the next year). Only 'A' priorities are marked. 

screenshot 1148


Use your DoView Visual Strategic Plan to quickly communicate your strategy and priorities

Rapidly, and unambigiously, communicate your outcomes, strategies and priorities to others. Do this in whatever format is appropriate: within DoView software, as printed model, as an HTML webpage model as seen above, or as a printed poster version as below.

screenshot 523

Anyone can use the above DoView software company visual strategic plan, with acknowledgment, for their own company and for their own for-profit or not-for-profit consulting work if they, or their clients, are using DoView Software. Anyone can use it to teach anyone else how to use DoView software. If you want to use it for other purposes please contact

Using DoView to develop corporate strategy 

Info for IT Departments.
DoView versus drawing software.


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